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We at "Sodhani Biotech Pvt. Ltd." are passionate about exploring the Natural way of Life; We stand for an idea of being eco-fabulous: With environment as an inspiration and nature as our guide, a way of life which is the most in harmony with our natural ecosystem.

We are a team of a youthful and enterprising mix of heads and hearts, and our mission is to promote the oneness of our life with environment.
We are producing the products which are in harmony with nature and at the same time, are in sync with the current fashion and industry trends.

We have been constantly learning and evolving and we have grown up fast since our inception. We not only offer a 100% natural textile fabric with coloring options from a plethora of different organic dyes, but we do so while honing our superior capabilities to produce high quality products coming from the hands of those artisans and craftsmen who have been producing such top-notch products since generations extending millenniums!

Our inspiration lies in the fact that Life expresses its symphony through nature. We experience utmost content and happiness when we are amidst the lap of nature. Only a few centuries back, there was a peaceful and rhythmic harmony between people and nature, which overtime got infiltrated with the excess of machinery and resulting artificiality of life. And thus, with the clarion call of "Back to the basics, back to Nature", we have founded our company with the same zeal and enthusiasm as that of the discovery of the mission of life.

We welcome you to explore, to give your suggestions and feedbacks, and to join us in this organic journey that we have undertaken filled with the virtues of natural sustenance and harmony, coming through the hands and ways of timeless wisdom!


Sodhani Biotech aims to be earth’s most customer centric company which offers and inspire to create sustainable and herbal products. Our goal is to deliver and streamline the products via Fashion, textile, food, leather and Pharmaceutical (Ayurveda) industry.


Our vision is to create a peaceful and rhythmic harmony between people and nature to maintain a balanced ecosystem by using nature friendly products.


Together Everyone Achieves More

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