Microbial dyes

Unleash BioChroma

The Evolution of Color is near

Color is a visual way of communication and rather very important one in foods, drugs, cosmetics, and textiles for creating or maintaining their acceptability or appeal. We make organic colors made by naturally occurring bacteria to provide a sustainable, wholesome, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional synthetic colors.

Experience a paradigm shift in sustainable dyeing as we harness the captivating hues of nature's microbial allies.

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Our revolutionary bacteria-based dyes redefine creativity with eco-friendly brilliance.

Bacteria are identified and grown to extract colorants that are then purified into pigments. Microorganisms possess the potential to produce pigments that can be used for dyeing fabrics. Through bioprocess engineering we can overcome the short supply of natural dyes which is cost effective and possess no threat to environment.

Using bacteria to brew dyes in the lab is a 100% natural biological product and has proved to be an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way to produce color.

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