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We at Sodhani Biotech Pvt. Ltd. are passionate about exploring the Natural way of Life; We stand for an idea of being eco-fabulous: With environment as an inspiration and nature as our guide, a way of life which is the most in harmony with our natural ecosystem. We are a team of a youthful and enterprising mix of heads and hearts, and our mission is to promote the oneness of our life with environment. We are producing the products which are in harmony with nature and at the same time, are in sync with the current fashion and industry trends.

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Our motive is to provide you with the best suitable services in various industries without limiting ourselves to any.

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Why Natural Colours?

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Health Benefits

Natural Colours are Non-Toxic, Non-Allergic & Hazard Free for skin and are acceptable everywhere in today’s world since Medieval Times. With not just only use for dyeing, these colours have numerous Medicinal Properties which are beneficial for Healthy Life.

Environmental Impact

They come from natural sources, natural dyes are not harmful to the environment, which makes it so appealing for consumers. Natural dyes are biodegradable and disposing them don’t cause pollution.


Natural dyes are obtained from renewable sources that can be harnessed without imposing harm to the environment. They come from natural sources, natural dyes are not harmful to the environment, which makes it so appealing for consumers. Natural dyes are biodegradable and disposing them don’t cause pollution.


Many of the natural dye which you see in our list comes from waste, which include products like onion peels,pomegranate peels, walnut shells, lac dye, marigold flowers, avocado seeds etc etc which is reducing burden from the environment eventually.

Who Will Benefit

Exploring Vibrance of Natural Colours

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Unlike synthetic/artificial dyes, natural dyes neither contain carcinogenic components nor harmful chemicals! By preferring natural dyes over these other choices, you are lowering human dependence on harmful products, thus helping preserve our environment.Like they say, there is no Plan-et B.

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Natural dye is a perfect alternative for responsible people who want the best without all the environmental defilement.. If you’re shopping around for dyes that are not harmful to the environment, you can begin your search with us. Our products are not only eco-friendly but also efficient in providing solutions for specific dyeing needs.

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Sustainability is not luxury but a necessity in today's business enviornment - A prominent reason why most fashion brands are switching to sustainable fashion and incorporating natural dyes.

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Huge employment is generated by crop cultivation, collection of leaves, flowers, and fruits, including the cleaning of herbal materials! Fun Fact-Production of 1 kg bio indigo provides employment to two rural farmers. Additionally, being a legume crop, it also supports the environment.

Environmental Footprint

It is agreed all over the world that the textile industry is a significant contributor to pollution. Almost “2000” different types of chemicals used in the industry consume as well as contaminate freshwater. In legacy pollution sites, untreated wastewater from the chemical dye industry is being directly dumped into surface water. It is estimated that textile dyeing contributes to up to 20 percent of water pollution by swapping natural dyes with synthetic dyes, you are choosing a cleaner alternative while staying connected to nature!

Did you know? 100 billion modules of clothing are made every year with the tremendous cost of raw material and industry process, which really is a challenge to the environmental factors. However, we believe in working with nature to eliminate the ferocious process to destroy our living habitat. Our focus is to support spheres of sustainability- society, economy, and environment. After all, our nature has given us all the resources to work with; all we need is to look for bits and pieces!.

Top pollutants such as lead, chromium, and cadmium are an integral part of chemical dyes. Other pollutant includes nitrates, chlorine compounds, mercury, arsenic, nickel, cobalt, and sulphur. Lead produces developmental and neurological damage in children, cardiovascular diseases in adults. However, natural dyes bypass the production process it takes to create synthetic dyes-yet another reason why Natural dyes are infinitely better for the environment.

Since natural dyes are extracted from fruits, flowers, and plants, they are much better for use around humans! Natural dyes are a magic concoction of biodegradable, non-toxic, non-allergic vibrant colors with antimicrobial properties- making them safer for kids in particular! Another interesting advantage- They provide higher UV absorption-which means that by wearing naturally dyed clothes, you are able to protect your skin more from the sun’s harmful rays!


We are serious about what we do, to prove we have

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D.I.Y Workshop

Explore natural dye studio

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Natural Dyeing Workshop

Dye it Yourself ! We are a state of the art, one of a kind workshop where you can learn the art of dyeing, block printing and Shibori tie dye, all with natural colors.

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