Natural Dyes- a savior to the environment (how do natural dyes save the environment)

July 27, 2023

“Every new source from which man has increased his power on earth has been used to diminish the prospects of his successors. All his progress has been made at the expense of damage to his environment which he cannot repair and could not foresee”, says C. D Darlington, a renowned geneticist in the pages of history.

If one carefully reads this quote, it could be noticed that how we, human beings, have lost the connection with the natural state of the earth. And it is equally pathetic how we have endlessly taken the essence out of it to create something for taming our greed.


For instance, there was a time when naturally extracted dyes were used. What was taken out got back to its place without any harm. Slowly, synthetic dyes replaced the pre-existing natural dyes. And that’s when things got worse. All the textile industries started loading up a huge amount of toxic, synthetic dyes to color the fabric. 

Synthetic dyes were brought into usage due to their low-cost production, long-lasting color, and huge color choice!

While the colors radiated and won hearts outside, they started eating up naturality and the use of natural dye extracts on the inside!

As time passed, we started realizing that synthetic dyes won’t be of good use for long. These harmful dyes


Apart from this, a lot of disadvantages have made us question their usage in the first place. We recently noticed that older, sustainable practices are coming back to the doorstep of many industries. A sustainable lifestyle, of which sustainable fashion is a part, is becoming the new normal.


The aversion to synthetic dyes has marked the entry of natural dyes!

If it’s SYNTHETIC DYES vs. NATURAL DYES, then the latter surpasses the former. Here’s why:

             But natural dye extracts get brownie points in this case! They are kind to the environment and our skin. Moreover, the colors are bright and beautiful.

But it’s the exact opposite when it comes to natural dye extracts. The environment and the products created out of it can co-exist happily, for they are one!

Keeping all these points in mind makes us realize that “NATURAL DYES” are nothing but a life savior in this generation and the upcoming ones. It is high time that we think of profits and consider our environment and the people around us. Mother nature has always been a giver, and we have, tremendously, taken advantage of it. Now is the time to change it. The amount saved from buying synthetic dyes (cheaper than natural dyes) won’t compensate for the loss the environment has witnessed! We all should become environment-conscious users of products. In this case, it is dyed.

We, at Sodhani Biotech, aim to modify the narrative organically and create a change for good!

Choose from the plethora of beautiful, naturally-obtained dyes and help save the environment by doing your bit.

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